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NotU's gameplay for Burnout Paradise (PS3)

NotU played Burnout Paradise

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NotU said...
A friend and I are trying to play freeburn together, but he keeps getting kicked. I'm assuming it's a networking issue on his end, since I can go straight from his being kicked to jumping onto a public freeburn. I know he's hooked up wirelessly, so I'm thinking he's getting some kind of interference. After him dropping 3 times, I'm heading over to see if I can get it figured out.

Edit: So, I ran over and looked at his system...

I've never seen anybody run a redundant wireless router system like that. He had his modem running into a 4-port wireless router, which then ran into a second 4-port wireless router. He was connecting through the second router.

I removed the redundant router, moved his laptop and PS3 over to the main router, and am back home. We're both online and trying an online challenge. He's already been on longer than all of our other attempts combined, so I think that fixes that.
Burnout Paradise

Burnout Paradise (PS3)

Genre/Style: Racing/Sports Car Racing
Release Date: 22/JAN/08
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