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NotU's gameplay for Crackdown (X360)

NotU played Crackdown

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NotU said...
I maxed out my firearms today, and got my driving up to 3 stars / 21. My agility is at 4 stars / 50, and my strength is at 4 stars / 58. Once I get everything maxed out, I'll finish off the last 4 bosses I have in Shai-Gen, and that'll be it for this game.

I'm having fun, but there are plenty of things about Crackdown that annoy me. I've lost track the of the number of times I've died or almost died because I couldn't lock onto *anybody* that was attacking me. I would lock onto random cars on the street, or Agency members, sometimes even just random civilians.

And while I'm at it, WTF is with civilians committing suicide by jumping in front of my car and *I* get the blame for it. "Hey, Dumbass! Stop running in the middle of the road and maybe you won't get run over when I'm doing 100+ and you suddenly appear in front of me!"

Crackdown (X360)

Genre/Style: Action/Action Adventure
Release Date: 20/FEB/07
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