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NotU's gameplay for Split/Second (PS3)

NotU played Split/Second

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NotU said...
Went over to a friend's house and a bunch of us played Split/Second in split-screen round robin fashion. Two people play. The winner stays, the loser hands off their controller. If the winner makes it all the way through everybody there (there were 6 of us for most of the time), then they have to hand off until they come around in the rotation again.

I won every race I was in except 1, and I ended up losing to a guy I had beaten 4 or 5 times already resoundingly. To be honest, it was the track more than him. It's the one where you race over the dam and along cliffs and such.

I don't know what I was doing wrong, but my car would seem to go into random drifts, sometimes in the direction *opposite* that I needed to actually turn. I kept going over the cliff face. I took 3rd place over all, but my friend took 1st, so he won.
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