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LAN party games?

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NotU said...
A friend of mine lives far enough from any town that his only internet options are dial-up (PSN won't connect on dial-up), satellite (decent download, horrible upload), or mobile company (5 GB / month limit would get eaten up quickly by gaming). So, a couple times a month, several of us go out to his place and game.

Saturday, I took over an old router I replaced because the wifi went to hell on it. We wouldn't be using wifi, so it wouldn't matter. We wired in our PS3s and set about having a LAN party.

Or we tried.

It turns out that the only games that all of us had that took a LAN connection were Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas and Vegas 2.

I also have Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, which supports LAN, but I was the only one. The others do plan to get it, so hopefully we can run that next time.

What other games support LAN party goodness? I imagine the CoD games do, but not everyone has all of those. They will probably pick them up in the future.

Other games we tried were:

Burnout Paradise (seriously, no LAN? That sucks, it would be a great LAN party game.)

Resistance: Fall of Man

Resistance 3

Crysis 2

None of these would register a LAN connection, they all require PSN to play 'LAN' style. We're open to a variety of games, though FPS games seem to be the most generally popular games of the group. Games like Burnout Paradise were only an option because we talked a few people into grabbing it when we found it on sale someplace.

On the upside, I discovered that Sony must have patched in multiple network support. I used to have to fiddle with the settings after I connected with it anywhere but my own network. Tonight, I plugged it in, turned it on, and it connected right away, despite the settings for the other network not being the same.
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 (PS3)

Genre/Style: Shooter/Squad-Based Shooter
Release Date: 18/MAR/08
Ghost Recon: Futur Soldier (PS3)

Ghost Recon: Futur Soldier (PS3)

Release Date:
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